Valdy Discography

There are 51 recordings for Valdy. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.


A Good Song/Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm

Cold Water Castle/Yes I Can (Anyway You Want Me)

Country Man

Country Man/Just a Man

Country Man/Just a Man (a Good Song)

Daddy’s O.K./Living In a Kids’ World

Dirty Old Man/Livin’ Out On the Road

Easy Money/Comin’ Home

Family Gathering

Hello Mr. Record Man/Rock and Roll Song

Hey Mr. Record Man/A Rock and Roll Song

Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks/Saints and Angels


Landscapes/Arnold’s Cove

Leaving Ain’ the Only Way to Go/Dream the Night Away

Millennium Collection


Peter and Lou/Weather’d Hands

Renaissance (Dance That Old Dance Once More)/Rock and Roll Song

Rock and Roll Song/Hello Mr. Record Man

See How the Years Have Gone By

Simple Life (Ode to L.A.)/Country Man

Simple Life (Ode to L.A.)/Landscapes

Simple Life/Landscapes

Sister I Love You/Chocolate Goodnight

Thank God He’s a Stranger/Movie Scene (Just Like a)

The Classic Collection

The Hometown Band

Valdy and the Hometown Band

Valdy’s Kid’s Record

Yes I Can (Anyway You Want Me)/Coldwater Castle