Valdy is known as the patriarch of Canadian folk music and was A&M's Canadian troubadour.

Valdy won the 1972 and 1973 Juno for Outstanding Performance Of the Year (Folk). 

In 1974, Valdy left Haida Records for A&M Records Canada.

At the 1974 Juno Awards Valdy won the Canadian Folk Singer of the Year.

Valdy's first four albums for A&M Records all achieved gold record status in Canada. Gold record sales in 1977 were sales of 50,000 or more copies. Valdy was awarded CRIA's second annual Canadian Music Industry Award for Most Cooperative Artist.

The Best Of Valdy contains some songs that were previously unreleased on album.

Valdy interviewed on release of commemorative box set

Ritchie Yorke of the Record Globe and Mail interviewed Valdy on the release of his commemorative boxed set with Jim Monaco, A&M Records Canada VP Publicity 



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Valdy and the Hometown Band New Music On A&M Records

  1. Valdy Picks Up 3 Gold Records, Tours Canada. Billboard, March 19, 1977.
  2. Valdy Completing 6th A&M Album. Cash Box, November 18, 1978.
Recording Years / Label
1972-1973 -  Haida Records
1972-1979 -  A&M Records
1980-1982 -  Sloth Records
guitar, vocals, piano

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