Wes Montgomery

I had thought [using octaves] would be very simple because it's similar to single lines; you just add another note. It sounds like it would be very easy, but it's just the opposite because of your fingering positions. I had a lot of thoughts going on at first, but very little coming out. It should not be any trouble I kept telling myself. Every time I indulged, it because harder than I imagined....You have to move your fingers, get them in the right position otherwise if you're off a little, it sounds horrible. You wouldn't want to hear it, man. You ought to hear me when I have a bad night.... I don't like to give into it; once you do, you have more bad nights than good.

I didn't join A&M because Creed was coming over. In fact, I was surprised to hear Creed was joining the company.

Signed to A&M Records in May 1967.

  1. Jazz Beat. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, August 19, 1967, 12.
Recording Years / Label
1967-1968 -  CTI Records
1982-1986 -  Original Jazz Classics
1986 -  Fantasy Records

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