Signed by Jerry Moss to A&M Records in October 1971. Recorded first for A&M Records in the U.S. then for A&M Records Canada. Within two months of signing, the group appeared on CBC-TV's "Video One" on December 1.

Moss also oversaw the liner photos and suggested a list price of 5.98 with the goal of making the double album more open to audience acceptance. The first pressing of the debut album in Canada was 25,000 units. The album went gold in Canada within one month of release.

Canada dropped the band in 1973.

Recording Years / Label
1974-1975 -  Casino Records
1981-1983 -  Solid Gold Records
1971-1972 -  A&M Records
1972-1973 -  A&M Records Canada
1974 -  Goldfish Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bill Henderson 1971-1983 bass, guitar, piano, vocals
Claire Lawrence 1971-1972, 1983 flute, bass, organ, sax, vocals
Glenn Miller 1972-1983 bass guitar, vocals
Ross Turney 1972-1983 drums, percussion, organ
Howard Froese 1973-1983 guitar, keyboards, vocal
Bucky Berger 1983 drums
Ab Bryant 1983 bass
Brian MacLeod 1983 guitar
John Roles 1983 guitar
Name Birth Death
Bill Henderson 1930-03-19
Claire Lawrence 1939-07-24
Glenn Miller 2011-03-03
Ross Turney
Howard Froese
Bucky Berger
Ab Bryant 1954-11-15
Brian MacLeod 1952-06-25 1992-04-25
John Roles 1951-11-22 2023-05-30
Name See associated acts
Claire Lawrence Claire Lawrence
Brian MacLeod Headpins

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