Recorded first for A&M Records in the U.S. then for A&M Records Canada. Canada dropped the band in 1973.

Recording Years / Label
1974-1975 -  Casino Records
1981-1983 -  Solid Gold Records
1971-1972 -  A&M Records
1971-1972 -  A&M Records
1974 -  Goldfish Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bill Henderson 1971-1983 bass, guitar, piano, vocals
Claire Lawrence 1971-1983 flute, bass, organ, sax, vocals
Glenn Miller 1974-1983 bass guitar, vocals
Ross Turney 1974-1983 drums, percussion, organ
Howard Froese 1974-1983 guitar, keyboards, vocal
Bucky Berger 1983 drums
Ab Bryant 1983 bass
Brian MacLeod 1983 guitar
John Roles 1983 guitar
Name Birth Death
Bill Henderson 1930-03-19
Claire Lawrence 1939-07-24
Glenn Miller
Ross Turney
Howard Froese
Bucky Berger
Ab Bryant
Brian MacLeod 1952-06-25 1992-04-25
John Roles
Name See associated acts
Claire Lawrence Claire Lawrence
Brian MacLeod Headpins

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