Radio Sampler Vol. 2

Stock Number
A&M Records
Released: 1995-3 -13
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Stevie Wonder 1 For Your Love (Single Version) 00:04:04
Sting 2 This Cowboy Song (Single Reggae Mix) 00:03:49
Amy Grant 3 Big Yellow Taxi 00:03:01
Red Dragon 4 Compliments On Your Kiss (Straight Mix) 00:04:09
BKS feat. Ashley MacIsaac 5 The Square Dance Song (Riprock 'N' Dash Hi Noon Radio Mix) 00:03:36
Barry White 6 Come On (Radio Edit) 00:03:47
Del Amitri 7 Here and Now (Edit) 00:03:34
PJ Harvey 8 Down By the Water 00:03:14
Ass Ponys 9 Little Bastard 00:02:42
Soundgarden 10 The Day I Tried to Live 00:05:19
Doughboys 11 Melt 00:02:55
Monster Magnet 12 Negasonic Teenage Warhead 00:04:28
Quicksand 13 Delusional 00:04:05

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