Del Amitri

"We've always put songs before gestures, which may have limited our audience for a time. If you're a melodic band, as we are, it's very easy to sound twee, which we've tried to avoid at all costs. This is the first time we've been able to make a record as raucous as we wanted to, no trumpets, no strings...." Justin Currie told Billboard. "I've tried to write happier songs, cause I'm genuinely not an unhappy person. I've had terrible times in my life, and people around me will sometimes say, 'Well, at least you'll get a song out of it.' That's deeply offensive: It would be immoral of me to go around ambulance chasing to get songs. I think it's just a matter of me listening to too much country music!"

Thanks to legal disputes, there was a four year wait between Del Amitri's debut album Waking Hours and the second album Change Everything.

The album Change Everything contained a bounce back card that A&M Records used to inform fans of about the next album.

The video of "Here and Now" was sent to VH1 first and later to MTv.


20th Century Masters press release
20th Century Masters the Millenium Collection sellsheet

Change Everything Tour 1990, Denver, CO: Always the Last to Know

In 1990 A&M released the second Del Amitri album called Change Everything. We had parties all over the country with 3 members of the band meeting radio, press and retail performing 3 or 4 songs....This is a song from the one we had in Denver.
Copyright by Al Marks. Used by permission.

Christmas Song, Mountain Stage, December 1996

Copyright by Al Marks. Used by permission.

  1. A&M's Del Amitri Seeks Place in U.S. Adult Alternative Scene. David Sprague. Billboard, January 21, 1995.
Recording Years / Label
1989-2002 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Andy Alston 1989-1998 keyboards, accordion
Brian McDermott 1989-1994 drums
David Cummings 1989-1996 bass
Iain Harvie 1989-1998 guitar
Justin Currie 1989-1998 vocals, bass, guitar
Kris Dollimore 1997-1998 guitar
Mark Price 1997-1998 drums
Name Birth Death
Andy Alston
Brian McDermott
David Cummings
Iain Harvie 1962-05-19
Justin Currie 1964-12-11
Kris Dollimore 1966-01-02
Mark Price 1959-08-10

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