Ann Nesby

Perspective Records owner and producer Terry Lewis told Billboard, "Ann is so multidimensional, it's hard to identify her exact target market. We need to pull in various markets at the same time....She's got the kind of voice that consumers can't fully appreciate with just track dates. So it's absolutely imperative that we get her out there live so people can actually feel her soul." Her first album for Perspective was promoted with a tripack, a three track single featuring a gospel, a dance and an R&B ballad..

"This album [I'm Here for You] is about relationships: emotional, physical and spiritual," Ann Nesby told Billboard. "I hope that everyone who hears this album can learn something from [the lyrics] and then use any wisdom they might get in their own relationships." She also planned to give a portion of the sales proceeds from the album to charity.

  1. Ann Nesby Makes Solo Sounds. J. R. Reynolds. Billboard, March 30, 1996.
Recording Years / Label
1996-2000 -  Perspective Records
2000 -  A&M Records
1996-1997 -  AM:PM
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