Monthly Selections Desert Carnival

Stock Number
AMSAD 00718
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1998
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Peter Frampton 1 Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Your's) 00:03:47
Peter Frampton 2 Lines On My Face 00:04:47
Gary Jules 3 Greetings From the Side 00:03:48
Gary Jules 4 Barstool 00:04:21
God Lives Underwater 5 Fly On the Windscreen 00:05:23
Dishwalla 6 Policy Of Truth 00:03:46
Big Hate 7 Sugar Glider 00:05:12
Big Hate 8 Lo-Fi 00:04:39
Del Amitri 9 Driving With the Brakes On 00:04:35
Del Amitri 10 Don't Come Home Too Soon 00:03:22
Dishwalla 11 Once In a While 00:04:41
Dishwalla 12 Stay Awake 00:04:12

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