Sounds of Blackness

Recording Years / Label
1991-1998 -  Perspective Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Alecia Russell Hammonds 1991-1997
Angela Henderson 1991-1997 vocals, orchestra
Ann Nesby 1991-1994 vocals
Beverly Mahto 1991-1997
Billy Steele 1994-1997 keyboards
Carl Pertile 1994-1997
Carrie Harrington 1991-1997
Cheryl D. Warder-Reeves 1991
Core Cotton 1994-1997
Craig Mack 1991-1997
Daryl Boudreaux 1994-1997 percussion
David Brian Young 1991
David Wright, III 1994-1997 sax
Dorothy A. Brown 1991
Dorothy Shelby 1991
Dorothy Townes 1991-1997
Dr. Robert Jones 1994-1997
Elizabeth J. Turner 1991
Frank Wharton 1994-1997 sax, flute
Freddie Wilson 1991
Gary Hines 1991-1997
Geoff Jones 1994-1997
Gregory Sears 1994-1997 vocals
Jamecia Bennett 1991
Jayn Higgins 1991-1997
Jennifer Whitlock 1991-1997
Kimberly Gayle Brown 1991
Larry Sims 1994-1997 trumpet
Levi Seacer 1994-1997
Louis Wilson 1994-1997 sax
Michael L. Bowens 1991
Mike Scott 1994-1997 guitar
Patricia Lacy 1991-1997
Paul Johnson 1994-1997 bass
Quan Howell 1994-1997
Renee McCall 1991-1997
Robert Edwards 1991-1997
Robert J. Jones 1991
Rojeem Taylor 1991-1997
Russell B. Knighton, Jr. 1991
Sandra Harris 1991-1997
Shirley Marie Graham 1991-1994
Terrence Frierson 1991-1997
Trenon Graham 1994-1997 drums
Valerie Johnson 1991
Wanda Lewis 1991-1997
William H. Smith 1991
Name Birth Death
Alecia Russell Hammonds
Angela Henderson
Ann Nesby 1955-07-24
Beverly Mahto
Billy Steele
Carl Pertile
Carrie Harrington
Cheryl D. Warder-Reeves
Core Cotton
Craig Mack 1971-05-10
Daryl Boudreaux
David Brian Young
David Wright, III
Dorothy A. Brown
Dorothy Shelby
Dorothy Townes
Dr. Robert Jones
Elizabeth J. Turner
Frank Wharton
Freddie Wilson
Gary Hines
Geoff Jones
Gregory Sears
Jamecia Bennett
Jayn Higgins
Jennifer Whitlock
Kimberly Gayle Brown
Larry Sims
Levi Seacer
Louis Wilson
Michael L. Bowens
Mike Scott
Patricia Lacy
Paul Johnson
Quan Howell
Renee McCall
Robert Edwards
Robert J. Jones
Rojeem Taylor
Russell B. Knighton, Jr.
Sandra Harris
Shirley Marie Graham
Terrence Frierson
Trenon Graham
Valerie Johnson
Wanda Lewis
William H. Smith
Name See associated acts
Ann Nesby Ann Nesby
Billy Steele Jambalaya

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