Foreplay #26

Stock Number
SP 17102
SP 017102-A/B
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1979-10 -10
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Single-sided sampler with Foreplay booklet.
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Joe Jackson 1 It's Different For Girls/I'm the Man 00:00:00
Police 2 Message In a Bottle/It's Alright For You 00:00:00
38 Special 3 Rockin' Into the Night/Stone Cold Believer 00:00:00
Bell & James 4 Shakedown/Laughing In the Face Of Love 00:00:00
Root Boy Slim 5 World War III 00:00:00
Wazmo Nariz 6 Lips 00:00:00

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