Firm Believer

Stock Number
WR 8294
WR 08294-A/B
Word Records
United States
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Denny Correll 1 Living Water 00:00:00
Mighty Clouds of Joy 2 Jesus Is the Rock 00:00:00
Al Green 3 Hallelujah (I Just Want to Praise the Lord) 00:00:00
Imperials 4 Stand By the Power 00:00:00
Leon Patillo 5 Saved 00:00:00
B. J. Thomas 6 The Unclouded Day 00:00:00
Morris Chapman 7 Longtime Friends 00:00:00
Imperials 8 I’m Forgiven 00:00:00
Al Green 9 His Name Is Jesus 00:00:00
Dion 10 Hearts Made of Stone 00:00:00
Amy Grant 11 El Shaddai 00:00:00

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