Paul Janz

Paul Janz signed with A&M Records Canada in 1985.

"Believe in Me" was first promoted on adult contemporary radio. Janz told Billboard, "I think it was important for A&M just to find out what the market receptiveness was going to be to my stuff. Instead of throwing it straight out to top 40, which is a lot more expensive, I think it was more we're going to go with this, give it a big push at adult contemporary, and see what happens. They're obviously really happy with what happened, and now they're going after top 40 heavily."

Michael Godin, A&R for A&M Records Canada, left his job to become Janz' manager. 

Paul Janz: Go to Pieces promotional puzzle from Canada

A&M Records Canada created a puzzle to promote the "Go to Pieces" single.



"He's got the voice, the looks, the stage presence...and the production is world class. He's a winner and I really believe he'll be one of this country's top recording acts very soon...and he'll break internationally as well."--Gerry Lacoursiere, RPM October 24, 1987

A&M Records Canada involved over 200 of its distributors to promote Electricity and 250 radio stations had the album and its first single "One Night (Is All It Takes). A&M tried a new promotion in Canada that reached out to radio stations and listeners in areas outside the major areas  to run a contest where the grand prize winner would be used in the second video from the album. Fifty winners got a CD player and ten A&M discs and 950 others won autographed memorabilia and clothing. 

To break the album in the U.S., A&M wanted the first single to be a ballad. 

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Recording Years / Label
1984-1990 -  A&M Records
1990 -  A&M Records Canada
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