Delos Records was founded by Amelia S. Haygood in 1973 and was distributed by A&M Records from 1990 through the spring of 1991. This was a reissue program of 81 classical music titles that were issued on compact disc.


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Arden Trio
Arleen Auger
Arleen Auger, Dalton Baldwin
David Britton
John Browning
Andres Cardnenes, Jeffrey Solow, Mona Golabek
Chamber Music Northwest
Catherine Crozier
James DePriest, Helsinki Philharmonic
James DePriest, Oregon Symphony
Kaaren Erickson
Michael Farris
Giora Feidman
Bunky Green
David Higgs
London Symphony Orchestra/LA Chamber Orchestra
LA Chamber Orchestra
Susann McDonald
Bejun Mehta, David Schifrin, Carol Rosenberger
    Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Robert Noehren

Orford String Quartet
Eugene Ormandy, Philadelphia Orchestra
David Popper
Quartet Music
Mavis Rivers
Carol Rosenberger
Carol Rosenberger, Allan Vogel David Schifrin,
    Robin Graham, Ken Bunday

Carol Rosenberger, Gerard Schwarz,
    London Symphony Orchestra

David Schifrin, Carol Rosenberger
Jimmy and Stacy Rowles
Gerard Schwarz, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Gerard Schwarz, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
    New York Chamber Symphony

Gerard Schwarz, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
    London Symphony Orchestra

Gerard Schwarz, New York Chamber Symphony
Gerard Schwarz, Seattle Symphony Orchestra
David Schifrin
David Schifrin, Carol Rosenberger
David Schifrin, Chamber Music Northwest
David Schifrin, Gerard Schwarz, Mostly Mozart Orchestra,
    Chamber Music Northwest

Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz,
>    Carol Rosenberger

Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, Janos Starker
Seattle Symphony
Second Stage
Bobby Shew/Chuck Findley
Rudy Smith Trio
Janos Starker, Shiego Neriki
Steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago
Timeless All-Stars
Various Artists
Roger Wagner
Cedar Walton
Joe Williams
Joe Williams & Friends
Todd Wilson
Yale Cellos of Aldo Parisot
Yale Cellos of Aldo Parisot, Arleen Auger



Delos Music
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