Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart became a songwriting team in early 1966. By July 1968, they had written over 300 songs. They said they tried to write singles for an audience ages 7 to 17 and their albums for an older audience. They signed a recording and production contract with A&M Records in the May 1967. In concert, they were backed by a trio.

In 1967, they wrote the title song for the motion picture "Where Angels Go Trouble Follows." On July 19, 1967, Boyce and Hart were in Detroit, MI as part of a promotional tour. They appeared on two television shows and one radio show. They also spent the day with the contest winner who had won a day with the duo. This was part of a promotional tour that also found them in Boston the following week.

A&M Records created a promotional film for the Test Patterns album. The film was four minutes long, available in black and white and color, and based on the song "Out and About." It cost $7,000 to make.

While signed to A&M, the duo wrote a number of hit songs for The Monkees including the theme song, "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees," "Last Train to Clarksville," "Steppin' Stone" and "Valleri."

In April 1968, they recorded "Goodbye Baby" and "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" in French, German and Italian to promote their tour of Europe.

On November 2, 1968 "Alice Long" was #3 in Malaysia.

The duo left A&M in July 1969 after creating their own record label and gaining other production opportunities through their music publisher Screen Gems.

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Recording Years / Label
1967-1969 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bobby Hart vocals, keyboards
Tommy Boyce vocals, guitars
Name Birth Death
Bobby Hart 1939-02-18
Tommy Boyce 1944-09-29 1994-11-23
Name See associated acts
Tommy Boyce Tommy Boyce

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