Canadian Sweethearts

The "Freight Train" single was released before August 1963. Billboard rated it a four-star single.

"Hootenanny Express" entered the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart at #45 on February 1, 1964.It was the first A&M single to enter the country chart. On February 15, 1964, Billboard rated it a four-star single.

On November 7, 1964 the album Introducing the Canadian Sweethearts was rated a four-star album by Billboard.

The Canadian Sweethearts' first single release in Australia was "Blowin' in the Wind". It was followed by "Looking Back to See" in August 1965.

Billboard predicted "Don't Knock on My Door" would reach the Top 10 of the Hot Country Singles Chart.

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Recording Years / Label
1963-1966 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bob Regan vocals
Lucille Starr vocals
Name Birth Death
Bob Regan 1931-03-13 1990-03-15
Lucille Starr 1938-05-13 2020-09-04