Alessi - Alessi

Stock Number
CAM 64608
A&M Records
cassette album.
Released: 1976
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Do You Feel It? 00:00:00
2 You Can Have It Back 00:00:00
3 I Was So Sure 00:00:00
4 Big Deal (Living Without You) 00:00:00
5 Don't Hold Back 00:00:00
6 Too Long to Forget 00:00:00
7 Sad Songs 00:00:00
8 Oh, Lori 00:00:00
9 Joanna 00:00:00
10 Seabird 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Billy Alessi background vocal
Billy Alessi keyboards
Billy Alessi lead vocal
Billy Alessi piano
Bobby Alessi background vocal
Bobby Alessi bass
Bobby Alessi guitar
Bobby Alessi lead vocal
Bones Howe engineer
Bones Howe percussion
Bones Howe producer
Dennis Budimir guitar
Emil Richards vibraphone
Frank DeLuna mastering
Frank Ravioli drums
Geoff Howe second engineer
Hal Blaine drums
Hal Blaine percussion
Jeff Porcaro drums
Jim Hughart bass
John Guerin drums
John Kehe design
Junie Osaki design
Mike Melvoin acoustic piano
Mike Melvoin arranger
Mike Melvoin conductor
Mike Melvoin electric piano
Mike Melvoin keyboards
Moshe Brakha photography
Ray Parker guitar
Roland Young art direction
Scotty Edwards bass
Tom Scott flute
Tom Scott tenor sax
Vic Feldman vibraphone

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