Angelic Voices of Faith

Recording Years / Label
1994 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Alicia Jones vocals
Barbara Hawthorne vocals
Barbara Mitchell vocals
Billy Rivers vocals
Clarence Turks vocals
Countess Winters vocals
Debra Reed vocals
Esther Smith vocals
Gretchel Crane vocals
Gwendolyn Turner vocals
Harold Berkley vocals
Harriet Taylor vocals
Jacqueline Marsh vocals
John Ackerson vocals
Kathy Booker vocals
Kenny Davis vocals
Kim Wortham vocals
Kimberly Liggins vocals
Lasheba Usher vocals
Lyndon Berkley vocals
Maria Bonner vocals
Michael Dodson vocals
Ray Maxwell vocals
Reginald Witney vocals
Rev. Roy Young vocals
Ronny Crawford vocals
Sharil Adair vocals
Sharon Marsh vocals
Sherry Scott vocals
Sophia Addison vocals
Stanley Smith vocals
Timothy Bohanon vocals
Timothy Smith vocals
Vickie Coburn vocals
Yolenda Faulkner vocals
Name Birth Death
Alicia Jones
Barbara Hawthorne
Barbara Mitchell
Billy Rivers
Clarence Turks
Countess Winters
Debra Reed
Esther Smith
Gretchel Crane
Gwendolyn Turner
Harold Berkley
Harriet Taylor
Jacqueline Marsh
John Ackerson
Kathy Booker
Kenny Davis
Kim Wortham
Kimberly Liggins
Lasheba Usher
Lyndon Berkley
Maria Bonner
Michael Dodson
Ray Maxwell
Reginald Witney
Rev. Roy Young
Ronny Crawford
Sharil Adair
Sharon Marsh
Sherry Scott
Sophia Addison
Stanley Smith
Timothy Bohanon
Timothy Smith
Vickie Coburn
Yolenda Faulkner

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