I’m Here For You - Ann Nesby

Stock Number
31454 9022
Perspective Records
CD album.
Released: 1996
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Let the Rain Fall 00:04:32
2 I'm Still Wearing Your Name 00:05:03
3 If You Love Me 00:05:31
4 The Invitation 00:00:28
5 Lonely Evening (What a) 00:06:01
6 I'll Do Anything For You 00:05:51
7 String Interlude 00:00:39
8 Thrill Me 00:04:32
9 Hold On 00:05:11
10 In the Spirit 00:05:28
11 This Weekend 00:04:22
12 Can I Get a Witness 00:04:02
13 I'm Here For You 00:05:28
14 I'll Be Your Everything 00:04:51
15 Let Old Memories Be 00:04:27
16 Lord How I Need You 00:04:36
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Richbourg drum programming
Anatoly Robinsky violin
Andre Demps background vocal
Andrew Picken viola
Barbara Porter violin
Billy Steele piano
Brian Dembow viola
Carrie Little viola
Charlie Everett violin
Chris Dave drums
Darius Campo violin
David Low cello
Dennis Karmazyn cello
Francisco Centeno bass
Freddie Washington bass
Gerald Albright sax
Ida Pittman background vocal
Ivan Hampton drums
Jack Yates, Jr. background vocal
Jackie Brand violin
Jamecia Bennett background vocal
James Greer background vocal
Jeff Taylor drum programming
Jere McAllister programming
Jim Wright keyboards
Jim Wright organ
Jim Wright piano
Jim Wright producer
Jimmy Jam keyboards
Jimmy Jam producer
Joseph Powell drum programming
Joseph Powell keyboards
Joseph Powell producer
Juliann French violin
Kathy Lenski violin
Ken Yerke violin
Lannell Redford background vocal
Larry Corbett cello
Libby Turner background vocal
Maria Newman violin
Marie Graham background vocal
Mark Haynes bass
Mike Scott guitar
Nat Adderley keyboards
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Perri background vocal
Peter Kent violin
Phil Hamilton guitar
Prof T background vocal
Rachel Hurst background vocal
Rachel Robinson violin
Rafael Rishek violin
Ralph Morrison violin
Randy Waldman arranger
Ricky Kinchen bass
Ricky Lawson drums
Robert Pittman bass
Ron Folsom violin
Roosevelt George background vocal
Sid Page violin
Simon Oswell viola
Stacy Patitucci cello
Steve Hurley drum programming
Steve Hurley producer
Stokley Williams drums
Stokley Williams percussion
Terry Lewis percussion
Terry Lewis producer
Vanessa Powers background vocal

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