It’s My Pleasure - Billy Preston

Stock Number
CAM 64532
A&M Records
cassette album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fancy Lady 00:00:00
2 Found the Love 00:00:00
3 That's Life 00:00:00
4 Do It While You Can 00:00:00
5 It's My Pleasure 00:00:00
6 Song Of Joy 00:00:00
7 I Can't Stand It 00:00:00
8 All Of My Life 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Benno Friedman photography
Billy Preston clavinet
Billy Preston piano
Billy Preston producer
Billy Preston synthesizer
Billy Preston vocal
Geoff Gillette assistant engineer
Hart Georgeson guitar
Junie Osaki art direction
Kenny Burke bass
Kenny Burke guitar
Kent Duncan mastering
Malcolm Cecil engineer
Malcolm Cecil producer
Ollie Brown drums
Peter Chaikin assistant engineer
Reggie McBride bass
Rick Collins mastering
Robert Margouleff engineer
Robert Margouleff producer
Rocky Dzidzomu congas
Shuggie Otis guitar
Stevie Wonder harmonica
Syreeta Wright vocal
Tony Maiden guitar

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