Bluetones Discography

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4 Day Weekend

4 Day Weekend/Bluetones

4 Day Weekend/Mr. Soul/Pretty Ballerina

4 Day Weekend/My Soul/Pretty Ballerina

A Bluetones Companion

After Hours

Are You Blue or Are You Blind

Are You Blue or Are You Blind/Driftwood

Are You Blue or Are You Blind/String Along

Autophilia (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Car)

BBC Radio Sessions



Bluetonic/Glad to See Y'Back Again

Cut Some Rug

Cut Some Rug/Castle Rock

Cut Some Rug/Castle Rock/The Devil Behind My Smile

Expecting to Fly



If.../Blue Shadows

If.../Blue Shadows/The Watchman

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Marblehead Johnson

Marblehead Johnson/The Simple Things/Nifkin's Bridge

Marblehead Johnson/The Simple Things/Nifkin's Bridge/Are You Blue or Are You Blind


Pachinko--Best Of the Bluetones

Return to the Last Chance Saloon

Science and Nature

Sleaszy Bed Track

Sleaszy Bed Track/Blue

Sleaszy Bed Track/The Ballad Of Muldoon

Slight Return

Slight Return/Don't Stand Me Down

Slight Return/Nae Hair On't

Solomon Bites the Worm

Solomon Bites the Worm/I Was a Teenage Jesus

Solomon Bites the Worm/I Was a Teenage Jesus/I Walked All Night

Solomon Bites the Worm/Sleazy Bed Track

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