Return to the Last Chance Saloon - Bluetones

Stock Number
31454 0885
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1998
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Tone Blooze 00:02:27
2 Unpainted Arizona 00:03:09
3 Solomon Bites the Worm 00:03:09
4 U.T.A. 00:04:04
5 4-Day Weekend 00:03:57
6 Sleazy Bed Track 00:04:41
7 If... 00:05:12
8 The Jub-Jub Bird 00:04:26
9 Sky Will Fall 00:03:16
10 Ames 00:04:44
11 Down at the Reservoir 00:03:19
12 Heard You Were Dead 00:04:04
13 Broken Starr 00:15:49
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Devlin background vocal
Adam Devlin banjo
Adam Devlin E-bow
Adam Devlin guitar
Adam Devlin hand claps
Adam Devlin mandolin
Adam Devlin mellotron
Adam Devlin piano
Eds Chesters background vocal
Eds Chesters drums
Eds Chesters hand claps
Eds Chesters marimba
Eds Chesters percussion
Eds Chesters piano
Eds Chesters timpani
Eds Chesters tubular bells
Eds Chesters washboard
Eds Chesters whistling
Hugh Jones background vocal
Hugh Jones hand claps
Hugh Jones mellotron
Hugh Jones mix
Hugh Jones orchestra
Hugh Jones piano
Hugh Jones producer
Mark Morriss drum machine
Mark Morriss hand claps
Mark Morriss harmonica
Mark Morriss mellotron
Mark Morriss vocal
Mark Morriss vocoder
Phil Auty mix
Scott Morriss background vocal
Scott Morriss bass
Scott Morriss hand claps
Scott Morriss keyboards
Scott Morriss painting
Scott Morriss percussion

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