BBC Radio Sessions - Bluetones

Stock Number
602498 435700
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2008-4 -1
Recording Notes
BBC version. Reissue by Hip-O/Universal Music Enterprises
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Slight Return 00:03:19
2 Talking to Clarry 00:06:07
3 Glad to See Y' Back Again? 00:03:15
4 String Along 00:03:30
5 Castle Rock 00:03:18
6 Vampire 00:04:58
7 If… 00:04:46
8 Sleazy Bed Track 00:04:26
9 Solomon Bites the Worm 00:02:57
10 The Basement Song 00:04:04
11 The Last Of the Great Navigators 00:03:50
12 I'm Over and I Know It 00:03:03
13 Slack Jaw 00:02:42
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Devlin guitar
Ed Chesters drums
George Thomas engineer
Kevin Rumble engineer
Lisa Softley engineer
Mike Engles producer
Mike Robinson producer
Mike Walter producer
Miti Adhikari producer
Nick King engineer
Nick Scripps engineer
Scott Morriss bass
Scott Morriss photography
Scott Morriss vocal
Simon Askew producer

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