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Brenda Russell

Get Here

Get Here/In the Thick Of It

Get Here/Le Restaurant

Get Here/Le Restaurant/A Little Bit Of Love/So Good, So Right

Get Here/Piano In the Dark


Gravity/If Only For One Night

Gravity/Le Restaurant

Greatest Hits

If You Leave (the One You Love)/Rainbow

In the Thick Of It/So Good, So Right

Just a Believer

Kiss Me With the Wind

Le Restaurant

Love Life

Piano In the Dark

Piano In the Dark/Gravity

Piano In the Dark/Gravity/Dinner With Gershwin

Piano In the Dark/In the Thick Of It

Piano In the Dark/In the Thick Of It/This Time I Need You

Piano In the Dark/Just a Believer

Piano In the Dark/So Good, So Right

Piano In the Dark/This Time I Need You

Sensitive Man/Deep Dark and Mysterious

So Good, So Right

So Good, So Right/In the Thick Of It

So Good, So Right/You're Free

Stop Running Away

Totally Academic

Way Back When

Way Back When/God Bless You