Brenda Russell - Brenda Russell

Stock Number
AMP 6070
Horizon Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Schmitt mix
Amy Nagasawa design
Andre Fischer arranger
Andre Fischer producer
Arnold McCuller background vocal
Assa Drori violin
Bill Reichenbach bass trombone
Bill Reichenbach horn arrangement
Brenda Dash associate producer
Brenda Russell acoustic piano
Brenda Russell background vocal
Brenda Russell electric piano
Brenda Russell horn arrangement
Brenda Russell lead vocal
Bruce Sudano background vocal
Carmen Twillie background vocal
Chuck Findley flugelhorn
Clare Fischer guitar
Clare Fischer organ
Clare Fischer string arrangement
Clare Fischer violin
Claude Mougin photography
David McKelvy harmonica
David Wolfert guitar
David Wolfert string and horn arrangement
Don Henderson mix assistant
Doublerock Baptist Junior Choir background vocal
Doug Richardson tenor sax
Ed Brown bass
Eddie Hokenson background vocal
Elaine Hill background vocal
Fred Tackett guitar
Gary Herbig english horn
George Spouch guitar
Gerald Vinci violin
Harry Bluestone violin
Hector Andrade percussion
Ian Underwood synthesizer
Jerry Hey trumpet
Jerry Peters string arrangement
Joe Esposito background vocal
John Finley background vocal
Judd Miller trumpet
Kathy Collier background vocal
Larry Williams baritone sax
Larry Williams flute
Master Henry percussion
Michele Aller background vocal
Mike Reese mastering
Murray McFadden mix assistant
Petsye Powell background vocal
Phil Moores mix assistant
Roland Young art direction
Ron Stockert clavinet
Ron Stockert electric piano
Steve Madaio flugelhorn
Steve Madaio trumpet
Susaye Greene background vocal
Terry More mix assistant
Tom Saviano soprano sax
Venette Gloud background vocal
Victor Feldman percussion
Victor Feldman vibraphone

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