Kiss Me With the Wind - Brenda Russell

Stock Number
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2010-11 -2
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Kiss Me With the Wind 00:04:29
2 Stupid Love 00:03:47
3 All American 00:04:16
4 Stop Running Away 00:05:25
5 Waiting For You 00:05:17
6 Justice In Truth 00:04:22
7 Dinner With Gershwin 00:04:33
8 Good For Love 00:05:22
9 Night Train to Leningrad 00:05:11
10 Drive My Car (Til Sunset) 00:04:50
11 On Your Side 00:03:54
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Gregorie engineer
Andre Fischer arranger
Andre Fischer producer
Andre Fischer vocal
Annie Stocking background vocal
Brenda Russell arranger
Brenda Russell background vocal
Brenda Russell drums
Brenda Russell executive producer
Brenda Russell producer
Brenda Russell programming
Brenda Russell synthesizer
Brenda Russell vocal
Chuck Beeson art direction
Dana Chappelle assistant engineer
David Frazer engineer
David Frazer mix
Dean Parks guitar
Don Boyett bass
Don Boyett programming
Don Griffin guitar
Earl Klugh guitar
Eric Borenstein executive producer
Eric Daniels bass
Frank DeCaro coordination
James Ingram background vocal
Jeff Porcaro drums
Jeffrey Woodruff engineer
Jeffrey Woodruff mix
Jimmy Haslip bass
Junie Osaki design
Kitty Beethoven background vocal
Kurt Farquhar programming
Larry Williams producer
Lenny Castro percussion
Louis Biancaniello arranger
Louis Biancaniello programming
Louis Biancaniello synthesizer
Marc Reyburn assistant engineer
Mark Hagen assistant engineer
Maxayn Lewis background vocal
Mick Guzauski engineer
Mick Guzauski mix
Narada Michael Walden arranger
Narada Michael Walden bass
Narada Michael Walden drums
Narada Michael Walden percussion
Narada Michael Walden piano
Narada Michael Walden producer
Paul Chiten arranger
Paul Chiten drums
Paul Chiten programming
Paul Chiten synthesizer
Peter Schwartz programming
Petsye Powell background vocal
Phil Perry background vocal
Philip Bailey background vocal
Raul Rekow percussion
Ray Obiedo guitar
Ren Klyce programming
Ric Butz assistant engineer
Richard McKernan engineer
Richard McKernan mix assistant
Russell Ferrante piano
Sam Ward synthesizer
Sandra Crouch Singers background vocal
Scott Gordon assistant engineer
Sharon Robinson arranger
Sharon Robinson background vocal
Sharon Robinson drums
Sharon Robinson programming
Sharon Robinson synthesizer
Shep Pettibone producer
Shep Pettibone remix
Stacy Baird assistant engineer
Stephanie Spruill background vocal
Steve Montgomery assistant engineer
Steve Sykes engineer
Tina Thompson background vocal
Tony Shimkin edit
Vickie Cameron photography
Walter Afanasieff bass
Walter Afanasieff piano
Walter Afanasieff synthesizer
Winston Johnson programming

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