Get Here - Brenda Russell

Stock Number
SP 17612
SP 017613-A/B
A&M Records
United States
CD single.
Released: 1988
Recording Notes
Promotional only
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Get Here (Edit) 00:04:07
2 Get Here (LP Version) 00:04:56
Credit Sort descending Role
Ake Sundqvist drums
Ake Sundqvist percussion
Andre Fischer producer
Bill Schnee engineer
Bill Schnee mix
Brad Stevens assistant engineer
Brenda Russell background vocal
Brenda Russell executive producer
Brenda Russell producer
Charlotte Crossley
Chuck Beeson art direction
Csaba Petocz engineer
Csaba Petocz mix
Dan Huff guitar
Dave Koz sax
David Sanborn
Debbie Johnson assistant engineer
Don Griffin guitar
Donald Krieger design
Donald Krieger photography
Donny Gerrard
Doug Sax mastering
Ed Brown bass
Gardner Cole drum programming
Gardner Cole synthesizer
Gary Wagner engineer
Henrik Janson guitar
Howard Smith
James Harrah guitar
Janne Schaffer guitar
Janne Ugand engineer
Jeff Hull drum programming
Jeff Hull producer
Jeff Hull synthesizer
Jerry Hey flugelhorn
Jerry Hey trumpet
Jim Dineen assistant engineer
Jimmy Haslip bass
Joe Esposito vocal
Joe Sample piano
Joe Schiff assistant engineer
Joe Turano vocal
Kevin Tony synthesizer
Larry Williams horns
Larry Williams synthesizer
Marsha Burns coordination
Micajah Ryan assistant engineer
Michael Ruff synthesizer
Mike Edwards assistant engineer
Mike Ross assistant engineer
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Paulette Parker
Per Lindvall drums
Peter Ekberg producer
Peter Ljung synthesizer
Raul Vega photography
Reggie Dozier assistant engineer
Russell Ferrante piano
Sam Bengtsson bass
Sharon Robinson
Stanley Clarke producer
Steve Sykes engineer
Steven Ford assistant engineer
Toni Greene assistant engineer
Vinnie Colaiuta drums
Wayne Linsey synthesizer

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