Bryan Adams Compilation Releases

There are 115 compilation releases for Bryan Adams. Click below for detailed information.

24 Party Crackers

A Fine Tunes Compilation

A Touch Of Class 1976-1986

A Very Special Christmas

A Very Special Christmas Volume 1, Volume 2

A Very Special Christmas: the Story and the Music

A&M "Now" & "Then"

A&M 50: the Anniversary Collection

A&M CD Club Sampler

A&M CD Super Selection 2000

A&M Conference Sampler

A&M Cuts to the Chase

A&M Hot Singles An All-Ballad Package

A&M Prime Cuts Vol. 4

A&M Prime Cuts Vol. 5

A&M Radio Sampler Vol. 10 November 8

A&M Radio Sampler Vol. 7 July 20, 1992

A&M Radio Sampler Volume 3

A&M Records September Releases

A&M Singles Club

A&M Singles Club Vol. 10

A&M Singles Club Vol. 8

A&M Special Compilation CD

A&M…A Compilation

A&Merry Christmas Radio Sampler 1989

Best Of the Best Super Hits

Can't Stop This Thing We Started/Hole Hearted

Christmas 1994 Sampler

Christmas Sampler

Digital Memories

Flying In the Face Of Convention

Flying In the Face Of Convention the Sequel

Foreplay #29

Foreplay #45

Golden Love Songs Vol. 2

International Classics Volume 4

International Classics Volume 4 a Selection Of A&M's Greatest Male Performances

Let's Make a Disc Deal!!!

Long Play Para Difusion


Monthly Selections: October 1: the Falls

Music Life 40th Anniversary A&M Version

Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Birthday Party



Radio Sampler Vol. 12

Radio Sampler Vol. 7

Radio Sampler Vol. 7 July 2, 1991

Radio Sampler Volume 11

Recorded Highlights Of the Prince's Trust Concert

Review/Preview A&M Records' Singles

Ring In the New Year

Rondor Music--Pop/Rock

Slow Ja&ms

Slow JA&Ms

Spring Is In the Air

Star/I Was Brought to My Senses

The Prince's Trust Concert

The Prince's Trust Concert 1987