Bryan Adams TV Show Appearances

Bryan Adams guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 127 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
GMTV 2004-9-7
Pulse: 2004-9-18
Anke Late Night 2004-9-23
Children In Need 2004-11-19
Breakfast 2004-11-22
Today with Des and Mel 2004-11-23
Today with Des and Mel 2004-12-8
Great British Pop Test 2004
Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2002-5-20
Lo Plus 2002-6-20
V Graham Norton 2002-7-5
Top of the Pops 2002-7-19
Party in the Park 2002
Christmas at the Vatican 2001
Elton John: One Night Only Greatest Hits Live 2001
Wetten Dass..? 2000-1-29
Top of the Pops 2000-3-17
All-Star Tribute to Joni Mitchell 2000-4-16
The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2000
Top of the Pops 1999-1-8
Top of the Pops 1999-1-15
Top of the Pops 1999-1-22
Top of the Pops 1999-2-5 When You're Gone
Mundo VIP 1999-3-6
Musica Si 1999-3-6
El Septimo de Caballeria 1999-3-22
Musica Si 1999-4-17
Top of the Pops 1999-5-14
Howard Stern Radio Show 1999-6-26
Tina Turner: Celebrate Live 1999 1999
Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1998-1-26
Vibe TV 1998-1-27
Howard Stern 1998-2-19
Howard Stern 1998-2-20
Parkinson 1998-3-6
Musica Si 1998-4-18
Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1998-10-27
Late Show with David Letterman 1998-11-19 Duet with Celine Dion
Top of the Pops 1998-12-10
Intimate Evening with Anne Murray 1998
Intimate and Interactive 1997-2-23
City of Hope/All-Star Garage Band (VH1) 1997-3-8
MTV Unplugged 1997-11-28
Music for UNICEF--a Gift of Song (TNT) 1997-12-10
Late Show with David Letterman 1997-12-12
Rosie O'Donnell Show 1997-12-19
Musica Si 1997-12-20
Jam 1997
68th Academy Awards 1996-3-25 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
Academy Awards 1996-3-25
Witness: a Concert for Human Rights (VH1) 1996-4-28
Mundo VIP 1996-5-2
Mundo VIP 1996-5-9
Late Show with David Letterman 1996-6-3 Promoting 18 Til I Die
Today Show 1996-6-4 Promoting 18 Til I Die
Saturday Live 1996-7-13
Power Vision--Pop Galerie 1996-9-7
Rosie O'Donnell Show 1996-9-16
VH1 Fashion Awards 1996-10-24 The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You
Live and Kicking 1996-11-9
MTV Europe Music Awards 1996-11-14
TFI Friday 1996-11-15
Taratata 1996-11-19
Verstehen Sie SpaB? 1996-11-23
Indian Music Awards 1996-11-30
Taratata 1996-12-3
VH1 Honors 1996
Late Show with David Letterman 1995-11-10 Rock Steady (duet with Bonnie Raitt)
MTV's Most Wanted 1995-12-15
Elvis: the Tribute 1994
Pavarotti & Friends 1994
The Who: Thirty Years of Maximum R&B 1994
Late Show with David Letterman 1993-3-3
Taratata 1993-3-4
Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1993-4-2
Apollo Theatre Hall of Fame 1993-8-4 Bring It on Home to Me
Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1993-11-10
Late Show with David Letterman 1993-12-3
Late Night with David Letterman 1992-1-10
Academy Awards 1992-3-30
Top of the Pops 1992-7-9
MTV Video Music Awards 1992-9-9 Do I Have to Say the Words
Top of the Pops 1991-6-27
Top of the Pops 1991-7-11
Top of the Pops 1991-10-3
Billboard Music Awards 1991-12-9
The Wall: Live in Berlin 1990
Sabado Noche 1988-8-6
Zomerrock 1988-8-14
Freedomfest: Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Celebration 1988
Saturday Superstore 1987-3-21
Extratour 1987-4-2 Heat of the Night
Late Night with David Letterman 1987-6-13 Hearts on Fire/Interview
Rockglimtar 1987-7-21
Entertainment Tonight 1987-8-20 Platinum Record (with Gil Friesen)
MTV Music Awards 1987-9-11
Top of the Pops 1987-9-25 Victim of Love
Roxy 1987-10-20 Victim of Love
Amnesty International 1986-6-15 Run to You/It's Only Love/Straight From the Heart/Tonight/Summer of '69/Somebody
.... 1986 Winning Juno as Best Male Vocalist 1986
Prince's Trust Rock Gala: 10th Anniversary 1986
Rockpop In Concert 1985-1-12
Top of the Pops 1985-1-17 Run to You
Top of the Pops 1985-1-31 Run to You
Top of the Pops 1985-2-7 Run to You
Saturday Night Live 1985-2-9
Top of the Pops 1985-2-21 Run to You
Tube 1985-3-22
Top of the Pops 1985-4-4 Somebody
American Bandstand 1985-8-31
MTV Video Music Awards 1985-9-13
American Music Awards 1984-1-16 Presenter
American Bandstand 1984-12-8
American Bandstand 1983-4-16
Solid Gold 1983-4-18 Straight From the Heart
Top of the Pops 1983-6-2 Straight From the Heart
Solid Gold 1983-6-25
Solid Gold 1983-7-30 Cuts Like a Knife
Rockpalast 1983-9-17
Mandagsborsen 1983-10-3
Rockpalast 1983-10-15
Rockpalast 1983-10-16
CMT Crossroads
David Letterman It's Only Love/Interview/Hound Dog
MTV Rock & Royalty Contest
MTV Rockumentary
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