Carpenters TV Show Appearances

Carpenters made 182 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Only Yesterday: the Carpenters Story 2007-4-9
Living Famously 2003-1-27
Close to You: the Story Of the Carpenters 2002-8-28
Behind the Music 1998-1-1
Biography 1998-1-12 The Carpenters: Harmony and Heartbreak
E! True Hollywood Story 1997-4-13
Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters 1997-12
Shitteru Tsumuri 1996-2-25
Music Is the World 1996-3-8
BBC 1996 Yesterday Once More
Odoroki Momonoki 20th Century 1994-12-23
BBC 1994 profile (Peluso)
Karen Carpenter Story 1989-1-1
Entertainment Tonight 1989 Lovelines
Entertainment Tonight 1983-1-11 Interview
People Magazine TV Commercial 1983-2-21
Grammy Awards 1983-2-23
Sayonara Carpenters 1983-12-17
Health Beat #31 1983 Hurting Each Other clip
News on Anorexia 1983 LA Channel 7
Palmares 1982-10-14 Touch Me When We're Dancing
Generation 1980's 1982 Touch Me When We're Dancing
Show de Mes and Geracao 80 1982 Medley: Close To You/We've Only Just Begun/Back In My Life
Julio Iglesias Numero Un 1982 Sing/Top of the World
Mie 1982 Touch Me When We're Dancing
Top Pop 1982 Touch Me When We're Dancing
America's Top 10 1981-7-11
Good Morning America 1981-8-10 Made in America interview
America's Top 10 1981-8-29
Merv Griffin Show 1981-10-2 I Want You Back in My Life Again, interview
Nationwide Interviews 1981-10-22 Record industry, anorexia
Multi-Coloured Swap Shop 1981-10-24 Karen appeared alone as Richard was ill
1981-10 Top of the World
1981 We've Only Just Begun
1981 Top of the World
1981 Touch Me When We're Dancing
De De Music Now 1981
Japanese Telethon L.A. 1981
Showexpress 1981-10-29 Top of the World/Beechwood 4-5789
TopPop 1981 Touch Me When We’re Dancing
20/20 1980-3-13
Music Music Music 1980-5-16 ABC
Karen's wedding clips 1980 LA Channels 2, 5
Music Music Music 1980 2 commercials by ABC
Olivia Newton-John: Hollywood Nights 1980-5-20 Karen sings Heartache Tonight
People Magazine TV Commercial 1980 Karen's wedding
20/20 1979-1-31
John Denver ProAm Ski Tournament (WABC-TV) 1979-3-25
Drunk Driving PSA 1979
Starparade 1978-5-11 Top of the World/Sweet Sweet Smile
Carpenters Space Encounters 1978-6-17
Tonight Show 1978-6-27 Thank You for the Music/Superstar/Rainy Days and Mondays/Goodbye to Love interview
Mickey Mouse 50th Birthday Special 1978-11-19 We've Only Just Begun
Bruce Forsyth Show 1978-12-16 Interview with Karen. Richard was ill and did not make the British promotional tour.
Christmas Portrait 1978-12-19
Bruce Forsyth Show 1978-12-24 Karen performed Please Mr. Postman/I Need To Be In Love/Merry Christmas Darling/White Christmas/Winter Wonderland
TopPop 1978-8-5 Sweet Sweet Smile
Tribute to Alan Freed 1978-3-16 Yesterday Once More
Tonight Show 1977-1-27 From This Moment On, interview
Dorothy Hamill Special 1977-3-2 From This Moment On
Top Of the Pops 1977-10-20 Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Top Of the Pops 1977-11-3 Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Carpenters At Christmas 1977-12-9
Suntory Pop commercials 1977
American Bandstand’s 25th Anniversary 1977-2-4 We’ve Only Just Begun
American Bandstand 25th Anniversary 1976-2-11 We've Only Just Begun
Live In Osaka 1976-3-24
Top Of the Pops 1976-4-8 There's a Kind of Hush
Midnight Special 1976-5-21 Please Mr. Postman
Live at Jaap Eden Hal, Amsterdam 1976-11-16 There's a Kind of Hush/Jambalaya/I Need to Be In Love/Close to You (spike Jones version)/Yesterday Once More/Piano Picker/Warsaw Concerto/From This Moment On/Close to You-For All We Know-Top of the World-Ticket to Ride-Only Yesterday-I Won't Last a Day Without You-Hurting Each Other-Please Mr. Postman-Superstar/Rainy Days and Mondays-Goodbye to Love
Carpenters First TV Special 1976-12-8
Live at the New London Theatre 1976-12-3
Top Of the Pops 1975-1-23 Please Mr. Postman
Crackerjack 1975-2-7
Top Of the Pops 1975-2-13 Please Mr. Postman
American Music Awards 1975-2-18 Presenters
Grammy Awards 1975-2-23 Presenters
Disco 1975-3-29 Please Mr. Postman
Top Of the Pops 1975-4-24 Only Yesterday
Top Of the Pops 1975-5-8 Only Yesterday
Spotlight 1975-6-15 Please Mr. Postman
Rock Concert 1974-1-18
Grammy Awards 1974-3-2 Presenters
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1974-3-9 Tribute to Jm Croce
Top Of the Pops 1974-3-14 Jambalaya
Top Of the Pops 1974-3-28 Jambalaya
Evening At Pops 1974-8-4 Close to You/Top of the World
Perry Como Christmas Special 1974-12-18 Carol of the Bells/Sleep Well Little Children/Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town
Live At Talk Of the Town 1974-3-3
Live at the Budokan 1974
TopPop 1974-2-15 Close to You (They Long to Be)
TopPop 1974-2-15 Jambalaya
TopPop 1974-2-15 Jambalaya/Close to You/Top of the World/Yesterday Once More/Oldies Medley (Little Honda/End of the World/Runaway/Da Doo Ron Ron/Johnny B. Goode)
TopPop 1974-2-15 Oldies Medley (Little Honda/End of the World/Runaway/Da Doo Ron Ron/Johnny B. Goode)
TopPop 1974-2-15 Top of the World
TopPop 1974-2-15 Yesterday Once More
Live at the White House 1973-5-1
Robert Young with the Young 1973-5-6 Saturday/Sometimes
Top Of the Pops 1973-7-20 Yesterday Once More
Top Of the Pops 1973-8-3 Yesterday Once More
Top Of the Pops 1973-8-17 Yesterday Once More
Top Of the Pops 1973-11-1 Top of the World
Tonight Show 1973-11-6 Superstar/Goodbye to Love/Mr. Guder
Perry Como Christmas Special 1973-11-13
Lulu's Party 1972-2-17
Ed Sullivan Show 1972-1-14
Carol Burnett Show 1972-1-19 Hurting Each Other/Old Fashioned Love Song/We've Only Just Begun/Let Me Be the One/I Kept on Loving You
Jerry Dunphy Visits the Carpenters 1972-2-21 Hurting Each Other
Grammy Awards 1972-3-24 Superstar
Get to Know 1972-4-5
Academy Awards 1972-4-9 Bless the Beasts and Children
Tom Jones London Bridge Special 1972-5-7 For All We Know/Love Is Surrender/For All We Know
Get to Know 1972-5-15
Bob Hope Show 1972-10-5 A Song for You/Top Of the World
Top Of the Pops 1972-10-12 Goodbye to Love
Top Of the Pops 1972-11-9 Goodbye to Love
Live at the Budokan 1972
Top Of the Pops 1971-1-14 We've Only Just Begun
Peggy Fleming Special 1971-1-24 Help
Andy Williams Special 1971-2-13 For All We Know/Ticket to Ride-I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
This Is Your Life 1971-2-18 Herb Alpert, Burt Bacharach
Grammy Awards 1971-3-16 We've Only Just Begun
Johnny Cash Special 1971-3-24 For All We Know/Close to You/Rainy Days and Mondays
Merv Griffin Show 1971-4-26
Get to Know 1971-6-22
Tonight Show 1971-6-30 Interview on group name
Mike Douglas Show 1971-7-1 Bless the Beasts and Children
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-7-20 Make Your Own Kind of Music/We've Only Just Begun/Rainy Days and Mondays/Close To You/Good Day Sunshine
Mike Douglas Show 1971-7-22 Rainy Days and Mondays/Maybe It’s You/Love Is Surrender
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-7-27 Help, For All We Know/Mr. Guder/I Kept on Loving You/Wishin' and Hopin'
Mike Douglas Show 1971-7-29
Today Show 1971-7-29
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-8-3 Bacharach-David Medley/One Love/Druscilla Penny/House Is Not a Home
Get to Know 1971-8-10
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-8-10 Don't Be Afraid/Hideaway/I Kept on Loving You/What's the Use
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-8-17 Love Is Surrender/Rainy Days and Mondays/Baby It's You
5th Dimension Traveling Show 1971-8-18 Reason to Believe/Superstar
Tonight Show 1971-8-19
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-8-24 All I Can Do/Let Me Be the One/Maybe It's You/Trains and Boats and Planes
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-8-31 Your Wonderful Parade/Bless the Beasts and Children/Ticket to Ride/I Want to Be Free
Carol Burnett Show 1971-9-6 Superstar/Bacharach-David Medley
Make Your Own Kind Of Music 1971-9-7 Close To You/Reason to Believe/We've Only Just Begun/There's a New World Coming/Make Your Own Kind of Music
Carol Burnett Show 1971-9-22 Bacharach-David Medley
Top Of the Pops 1971-9-23 Help/Superstar
In Concert 1971-10-2 Close to You
Top Of the Pops 1971-10-14 Superstar
Tonight Show 1971-11-5
Live at the BBC 1971-11-6 Help/Love Is Surrender/Superstar/And When He Smiles/Rainy Days and Mondays//I Fell in Love with You/Bacharach-David Medley/For All We Know/Sometimes/Close to You/We've Only Just Begun
Get to Know 1971-11-18
Morton's Potato Chips Commercial 1971
Rollin' on the River 1971
Harry Secombe Show 1971-10-9 Bacharach-David Medley
Dating Game 1970-7-20 Karen chooses, Richard chosen
Virginia Graham Show 1970-7-24
Get It Together 1970-8-8 Close to You/I Kept on Loving You
Don Knotts Show 1970-9-18 Close to You
Tonight Show 1970-9-18 Close To You/We've Only Just Begun
Top Of the Pops 1970-10-1 Close to You
David Frost Show 1970-10-2 Close To You (live)
Top Of the Pops 1970-10-15 Close to You
Ed Sullivan Show 1970-10-18 Close To You/We've Only Just Begun (live)
Ed Sullivan Show 1970-11-8 Close to You/Bacharach-David Medley
Tonight Show 1970-11-13
American Bandstand 1970-11-14
American Bandstand 1970-12-5 We've Only Just Begun/Close to You
All American College Show 1969-2-2
Virginia Graham Show 1969-6-24
Your All American College Show 1969-9-9
Your All American College Show 1969-11-23 Karen only
Your All American College Show 1969-12-1 Ticket to Ride
Della Reese Special 1969-12-4
All American College Show 1968-6-22
Time Machine
Unique Lives, Different Views Close to the Carpenters
Ed Sullivan Awards Winner Outstanding New Group
Foster Parent TV Commercial Bless the Beasts and Children used
High Crown Milk Chocolate commercial
Instant Recall
Japanese TV Commercials Soda, No Crown
John Davidson Superstar/Rainy Days and Mondays/Goodbye to Love medley
Sesame Street
Show Express Yesterday Once More clip