Chuck Mangione TV Show Appearances

Chuck Mangione guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 33 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Solid Gold 1981-6-6 Feels So Good/Land of Make Believe
Winter Olympics '80: the World Comes to America 1980
Tonight Show 1980-5-13
Grammy Awards 1980-2-27
Playboy's Roller Disco & Pajama Party 1979-11-23
Tonight Show 1979-6-22
Good Morning America 1979-4-20
Midnight Special 1979-3-16 Feels So Good
Grammy Awards 1979-2-15
Old Grey Whistle Test 1979-1-16
Dinah 1979-7-23
Merv Griffin Show 1979-8-2
Mike Douglas Show 1979-8-6
Tonight Show 1978-2-24
Midnight Special 1978-6-2 Feels So Good/Hide and Seek
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1978-7-21 Land of Make Believe/Bellavia/Feels So Good
Midnight Special 1978-7-28 Feels So Good/Hide and Seek
Wolf Trap Park 1978-8-24 Feels So Good/Banter--Intros/11th Commandment/Banter/Chase the Clouds Away/Banter/Hide and Seek/Banter/Land of Make Believe/Children of Sanchez Overture/Lullabye/Pilgrimage/Concsuelo's Love Theme/Hot Consuelo/Lullabye/Bellavia/B'bye/Band Credits/Children of Sanchez Finale
Tonight Show 1978-9-15
Midnight Special 1978-9-29 Feels So Good
Rockin' New Year's Eve 1978-12-31
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1978-1-6
Mike Douglas Show 1977-3-28
Tonight Show 1977-11-30
Dinah 1977-5-2
Tonight Show 1977-4-25
Dinah 1977-1-20
Rock Concert 1976
Mike Douglas Show 1976-1-22
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1975-11-29
Mike Douglas Show 1975-9-11
Salute Intro/Feels So Good (solo)/Narration/Feels So Good (Band/Bio/Mama & Papa Mangione/Doc Severinson/Nancy & Diana Mangione/Deniece Williams/Tarentella with Gap & Steve Allen/Land of Make Believe with Johnny Mathis/Freddy's Walking/Mrs. Mangione/Victor Borge/Dizzy Gillespie/Feels So Good (band)/Credits
Solid Gold Feels So Good