Craig Ruhnke

"My philosophy is to stay home, write songs, keep working one day at a time and build my name....I just don't want to waste time writing esoteric album cuts. A music career is too short for that. There are a lot of people sitting by the wayside right now...who have been used up. I just don't want that to happen to me. I think that's where songwriting comes in. You have to be really strong about that or else you're out of luck."--Craig Ruhnke, RPM, July 12, 1980.


In 1979, Craig Ruhnke signed with Almo/Irving Music publishing in Canada and re-signed with Almo in 1980. The deal also included that he record three singles a year that Almo would produce and release within Canada and would place the singles internationally. It was Almo's decision to concentrate on singles and getting a hit as they didn't feel there was enough of a market to justify an album. The singles let Ruhnke and Almo build toward an album. At the same time, Brian Chater placed Ruhnke's songs with other artists.

Almo/Irving created a promotional-only self-titled album of Ruhnke's songs for adult contemporary radio in Canada. 


Craig Ruhnke--Serious About Songwriting. RPM, July 12, 1980.
Irving/Almo Releases Radio Disc. RPM, May 17, 1980.

Recording Years / Label
1980-1984 -  A&M Records Canada

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