Peter Allen

Peter Allen was originally discovered by Judy Garland. Kip Cohen asked Peter Allen to play for A&M Records executives then he was signed to A&M as both an artist and a songwriter. Allen told Jeannie Williams, "The problem with that is sometimes the publishing comes first. There's just that little knowledge that oh, even if the record doesn't sell...we'll be publishing ten songs and someone will record them and get hits. But I had a wonderful time at A&M."

"'I Honestly Love You' has been recorded almost 40 times and when I got the first check for it I almost fainted. I must have strange tastes because I had no idea that it was a great song. When Olivia [Newton-John] told me she was going to put it out as a single I begged her not to. I said, 'Don't be crazy, it will be the end of your career. It doesn't even have a drum on it.' Then I went away to spend the summer in the woods or something and I came back and asked a friend, 'Whatever happened to poor Olivia's single?' and he said, 'Are you nuts!? It's number one, the biggest record she's ever had.'"

Peter Allen toured in Canada in 1975 and 1976. He is shown with J.P. Guilbert.

Peter Allen A J.P. Guilbert


Peter Allen was the only A&M artist to write both the story and the music for a show that was produced on Broadway. It was 'Legs Diamond,' the story of a gangster.

Peter Allen was the first A&M artist to have a play about his life performed on Broadway. The show was titled 'The Boy from Oz.'

Peter Allen, while an A&M artist and Almo Music staff writer, penned the music and lyrics to "I Still Call Australia Home" which has become a national treasure and unofficial national anthem.

Phil Quartararo, Michael Leon, Ira Brusso, Dee Anthony, Peter Allen, Al Marks, Harold Childs

A&M Records promotion with Peter Allen: Phil Quartararo, Michael Leon, Irv Brusso, Dee Anthony (manager), Al Marks, Harold Childs.


Continental American sellsheet
It Is Time For Peter Allen New Music On A&M Records 
Taught By Experts New Music On A&M Records 
20th Century Masters press release

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Recording Years / Label
1974-1980 -  A&M Records
vocals, piano

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