Happily Ever Afterwas the American repackage of Faith and Seventeen Seconds. It was the first Cure album on A&M Records. It was released in 1981. In 1982, the group released Pornography on A&M. The Cure also contributed their song "Fascination Street" to the Lost Angels soundtrack for A&M Records.

  1. The Cure Fact and Fiction: A Brief Recording History. Holly Ian. Goldmine, July 9, 1993.
Recording Years / Label
1981-1982 -  A&M Records
1981 -  A&M Records Canada
Name Member Years Instruments
Laurence Tolhurst drums, keyboards
Robert Smith vocals, guitar, keyboards
Simon Gallup bass, keyboards
Name Birth Death
Laurence Tolhurst 1959-02-03
Robert Smith 1959-04-21
Simon Gallup 1960-06-01

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