Recording Years / Label
1973-1975 -  A&M Records
Official Biography .
Name Member Years Instruments
Brian Holloway guitar
Bridget Lokelani Dudoit 1973 vocal
Bruno Libert keyboards
Gino Malisan bass
Glenn Shorrock vocals
Godfrey Salmon 2nd violin
Janice Slater 1973 vocals
Joy Yates 1973 vocals
Keith Christmas vocals
Kim Moore vocals
Raymond Vincent 1st violin
Roger Meakin vocals
Timothy Kraemer cello
Tony Harris 1973-1974 sax, viola
Tony Malisan drums
Name Birth Death
Brian Holloway
Bridget Lokelani Dudoit 1950-08-21
Bruno Libert 1949-06-09 2020-07-08
Gino Malisan
Glenn Shorrock 1944-06-30
Godfrey Salmon
Janice Slater 1947-08-03
Joy Yates
Keith Christmas
Kim Moore
Raymond Vincent
Roger Meakin
Timothy Kraemer 1947-08-19
Tony Harris
Tony Malisan

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