Signed with A&M Records in early 1973.

Esperanto Rock Orchestra 1974 tour flyer


Last Tango New Music On A&M Records


By the mid ‘70’s I’d been working as a backup singer to Cliff Richards for two years on the road with my fellow Pacific regions friends, Joy Yates (New Zealand) and Bridget Lokelani Dudoit (Hawaii). Joy had found me staying with mutual friends in Shepherd’s Bush and if I remember correctly she put a sign up in her local area of Chelsea about a third voice. Bridget contacted her. Joy ironically named the group ‘Bones’. Was it because it was lean pickings in those days? Both Joy and Bridget had been working as session singers in LA so had a lot of technical facility, I was new to singing harmonies as I’d been a solo singer in Australia. Australian record producer, David MacKay brought us together later to join Esperanto Rock Orchestra but he may have been instrumental regarding Joy forming a backup group for Cliff as many Australians, including the late Olivia Newton John and Glenn Shorrock also worked with Cliff along with his band members, The Twilights, who were on the road with us and Cliff and who called themselves The Veggies, as they were macrobiotics. 

I can remember distinctly meeting Raymond Vincent and Bruno Libert and maybe the Malisan brothers with David Mackay in London. The boys English was minimal and my French none, so there were lots of smiles and laughter. I clearly remember that. 

I can’t recall exactly when we met up with Glenn and Brian but when we did we seemed to hit it off straight away and before long David had arranged for us to rehearse in the lovely Treoffal Farm in Cornwall. This lineup was minus the additional string section; Timothy Kraemer (cello), Tony Harris (viola) & Godfrey Salmon (second violin). 


Bobi Nicholas remembers Esperanto:

When I caught up with you (Janice Slater) by phone, you invited me to join you on the Coach with all the Musicians from Esperanto for 3 nights of your first tour, Concerts supporting Sha Na Na in the UK... "Bristol, Sheffield, and Liverpool" three concerts which I loved.  We didn't stop chatting, you and I... was crazy. Also, Suzie (Suzanne Lynch) a Kiwi based in the UK who did vocal backings for Cat Stevens came with Joy Yates... Also, Suzie did vocal backings on Dinah Lee's No 1's in NZ...

In Liverpool, the hotel where we all stayed, was just nearby and we could walk there, which we checked out as Esperanto, set up and rehearsals began... You and I shared a room, and brothers Tony and Gino Malison all stayed at the same hotel.  I have to say firstly I hadn't seen a group consisting of violins, strings, bass, etc, with 4 singers, Joy Yates, Bridgett, Glen Shorrock, and yourself with your wonderful voice... That evening in Liverpool, you and I walked there, and you lent me your gorgeous knitted shawl as it was getting cool...the next morning had a walk around town with Tony and bumped into Bruno at the Railway Station.  Had our picture taken with a Policeman...

The crowds loved Esperanto's set, and we were blown away by their musical abilities along with the singers...  I bought their LP and everyone signed my Programme -  Such fond memories of that Tour in 1973 in the UK...


  1. Go-Set Charts
Recording Years / Label
1973-1975 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Keith Christmas 1974 vocals
Bridget Lokelani Dudoit 1973 vocal
Tony Harris 1973-1974 sax, viola
Brian Holloway 1973 guitar
Timothy Kraemer 1973-1975 cello
Bruno Libert 1973-1975 keyboards
Gino Malisan 1973-1975 bass
Tony Malisan 1973-1975 drums
Roger Meakin 1975 vocals
Kim Moore 1975 vocals
Godfrey Salmon 1973-1975 2nd violin
Glenn Shorrock 1973 vocals
Janice Slater 1973 vocals
Raymond Vincent 1973-1975 1st violin
Joy Yates 1973 vocals
Name Birth Death
Keith Christmas 1946-10-13
Bridget Lokelani Dudoit 1950-08-21
Tony Harris
Brian Holloway 1950-01-03
Timothy Kraemer 1947-08-19
Bruno Libert 1949-06-09 2020-07-08
Gino Malisan
Tony Malisan
Roger Meakin
Kim Moore
Godfrey Salmon 2022-10-14
Glenn Shorrock 1944-06-30
Janice Slater 1947-08-03
Raymond Vincent 1943-09-17 2018-11-05
Joy Yates

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