David Bowie

Back catalog reissued and distributed by A&M Associated Labels (Polydor) in the U.S. The Ryko recordings were distributed by A&M Records Canada.

In Toronto during David Bowie's S.R.O. Canadian Tour A&M and RYKODISC presented Bowie with the world’s first platinum award for the Sound & Vision Boxed Set.


David Bowie: Sound and Vision Box platinum award in Canada

Ann Forbes (A&M Product Manager), Ray Rosenberg (A&M Eastern Division Manager), Faisel Durrani (A&M Special Projects), Nicole Duchene (A&M Publicity), David Bowie, Allan Reid (A&M Ontario Promotions, Randy Wells (A&M VP Promotion), Anna Isaac, Jim Monaco (A&M VP Publicity), Bill Ott (A&M VP Sales & Marketing)

Recording Years / Label
1990-1991 -  Ryko
vocals, keyboard, guitar, sax

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