The band was signed to A&M Records in 1994 but did not know about the plans for the Carpenters tribute titled If I Were a Carpenter. They read about it in the L.A. Times. "We rushed out and recorded an8-track demo and took it to [producer] Matt Wallace." Their version of "It's Going to Take Some Time was one of the more popular tracks from the album.

A&M's director of product development Kelly Mills told Billboard, "We're fortunate that this is a band that's [even] better live than on record...They're so exciting live that we can build a base even before there's a record out." The band went on tour before their debut album was released. At the shows, A&M had flexi-discs with selections from the album. During the tour, the band met radio and retail personnel which helped promote the album upon its release.

  1. Dishwalla Makes A&M Debur Following Carpenters Tribute. David Sprague. Billboard, April 15, 1995.
Recording Years / Label
1994-1998 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
George Pendergast drums
J. R. Richards vocals
Jim Wood keyboards
Rodney Browning guitar
Scot Alexander bass
Name Birth Death
George Pendergast
J. R. Richards 1972-04-30
Jim Wood
Rodney Browning
Scot Alexander 1971-12-10
Name See associated acts
Jim Wood Oingo Boingo

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