The Fleshtones' manager brought the group to I.R.S. Records. Their first I.R.S. release was a five-songEP, UpFront. Their first full-length album was released in January 1982. The group's film debut was in "Urgh: aMusic War."

  1. Fleshtones, Roman Gods. Billboard, March 20, 1982.
Recording Years / Label
1980-1984 -  I.R.S. Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bill Milhizer drums
Gordon Spaeth sax
Jan Marek Pakulski bass, vocals
Keith Streng guitar, vocals
Peter Zaremba vocals, harmonica
Name Birth Death
Bill Milhizer 1948-09-21
Gordon Spaeth 1951-09-21
Jan Marek Pakulski 1956-08-23
Keith Streng 1955-09-18
Peter Zaremba 1956-09-16
Name See associated acts
Peter Zaremba Cleveland

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