Tommy Shaw

"When I first signed with A&M, I would have signed anything. I was 23 years old and became professional out of bowling alley lounge. I didn't think it was the point in my life to start and refuse to sign, so I signed. And there was a clause in there that kept me as a solo."

"I offered [Styx] "Heads Upm" "Fading Away," "The Race Is On," and "Girls with Guns" but they passed on all of it," Shaw told Rock Line! He added, "It was during the Kilroy Was Here tour that I realized I had to get out."

The album Girls With Guns "is about girls that I've met who compete and work as hard as [men]do, while retaining their femininity....The album is a lot of different sides of me that are not seen in Styx." By January 1985, the album sold more than 35,000 copies in Canada.

What If Press Release

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Recording Years / Label
1984-1986 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar
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