George Winston

“It is melodic and not complicated in its approach, like folk guitar picking and folk songs, and has a rural sensibility. Any other labels, including anything having to do with anything philosophical, or spiritual, or any beliefs, are also not accurate, as I have no interest in those subjects. I just play the songs the best I can, inspired by the seasons and the topographies and regions, and, occasionally, by sociological elements, and try to improve as a player over time.”--George Winston


Windham Hill Records label founder William Ackerman encouraged George Winston to record.

By September 1981, Autumn sold more than 52,000 copies. It had been picked up by jazz radio.

From 1983 through 1987, George Winston's album titled December appeared on Billboard's Top 100 Album chart in the month of December.

Winston's album December was the first "new music" album to attain gold sales in Canada.

Recording Years / Label
1980-1985 -  Windham Hill Records
1981 -  Lost Lake Arts
1987 -  Living Music

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