CANO formed in 1975. CANO is the acronym Cooperative des Artists dy Nouvel Ontario. Rachel and Andre Paiment and Marcel Aymar led the group of nine French language singers and musicians. They wanted to develop the creative and artistic culture of French Canada. 

Signed with A&M Records Canada in 1976. CANO was the first musical act from French-speaking Canada to be signed by the label. Their contract called for ten albums over five years with some in English. To help break the language barrier the English translation of the lyrics was included in the album packaging. 

CANO signing with A&M Records Canada

CANO signs with A&M Records Canada. Front row: Marcel Aymar (CANO), Michel Kendel (CANO), Michael Godin (A&M),
Middle row: David Burt (CANO), Mike Dasti (CANO), John Doerr (CANO), Jim Vallance (songwriter), Gerry Lacoursiere, Rachel Paiement (CANO), Gary Mcgroarty (CANO), JP Guilbert (A&M), 
Back row: J. Monaco. Doug Chappell, Pat Ryan (A&M), Wasyl Kohut (CANO),Andre Paiement (CANO) 

Photo by Matthew Wyley.



A&M Canada--Big On Image. RPM, October 23, 1976.
CANO Could Break Language Barrier. RPM, December 4, 1976.

Recording Years / Label
1976-1981 -  A&M Records Canada
Name Member Years Instruments
Andre Paiement vocals, guitar
David Burt guitar
John Doerr bass
Marcel Aymar guitar
Mike Dasti drums
Mike Kendel piano
Rachel Paiement vocals, guitar
Wasyl Kohut violin
Name Birth Death
Andre Paiement 1950-06-28 1978-01-23
David Burt
John Doerr
Marcel Aymar
Mike Dasti
Mike Kendel
Rachel Paiement
Wasyl Kohut
Name See associated acts
Andre Paiement Masque
David Burt Masque
John Doerr Masque
Marcel Aymar Masque
Mike Dasti Masque
Mike Kendel Masque
Wasyl Kohut Masque

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