Glen Burtnick

"When new artists get signed to a label, people are always trying to work out who they are and who they're going to be. And they tend to be put in situations with certain producers. I learned a number of things in doing my first album, the most important of which was the fact that I felt I could produce myself--or at least with David's [Prater] help. Fortunately, A&M was very supportive and agreed to let us go ahead [with the recordings that became the Heroes and Zeros album]. About Heroes and Zeros Burtnick said that the album is "a much more honest record than the first one. Last time there were a lot of synthesizers and drum machines. This is much rawer. I really got to stretch out and play guitar."

  1. Artist Developments. Billboard, September 5, 1987, 20.
Recording Years / Label
1986-1988 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar, keyboards
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