Stargazer - Gordon Michaels

Stock Number
SP 737
Horizon Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Stargazer 00:04:07
2 Mother 00:03:15
3 Indoor Lovers 00:03:36
4 This Is Love 00:04:32
5 Turnin' Brown 00:03:13
6 Find the Angle 00:03:17
7 Bermuda 00:03:02
8 Ugly Ramona 00:03:40
9 Danny Dies In Dublin 00:03:48
10 Favorite Songs 00:03:21
Credit Sort descending Role
Arthur Jenkins percussion
Bill Brown french horn
Chuck Beeson design
David Sanborn alto sax
Ed Walsh Oberheim synthesizer
Fred Sherry cello
George Marge english horn
George Marge flute
George Young flute
George Young sax
Gordon Michaels arranger
Gordon Michaels guitar
Gordon Michaels harmonium
Gordon Michaels Oberheim synthesizer
Gordon Michaels piano
Gordon Michaels vocal
Greg Calbi mastering
Guillermo Figueroa violin
Hugh McCracken arranger
Hugh McCracken bass
Hugh McCracken guitar
Hugh McCracken harmonica
Hugh McCracken producer
Ida Kavafian concertmaster
Judy Geist viola
Kevin Herron engineer
Linda Reddwolf vocal
Lisa Gilkyson vocal
Lucy Stoltzman violin
Mark Hanauer photography
Mike Mainieri marimba
Mike Mainieri string arrangement
Richard Hendrickson violin
Richard Tee piano
Richie Sher cello
Rick Marotta drums
Roland Young art direction
Tina Pelikan viola
Tony Levin bass
Tony Levin Chapman stick

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