Hater - Hater

Stock Number
602547 624260
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2016-7 -15
Recording Notes
Deleted 1/20/2021
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Mona Bone Jakon 00:03:09
2 Who Do I Kill? 00:02:37
3 Tot Finder 00:03:06
4 Lion and Lamb 00:02:29
5 Roadside 00:02:23
6 Down Undershoe 00:04:03
7 Circles 00:02:11
8 Putrid 00:04:17
9 Blistered 00:02:27
10 Sad McBain 00:04:21
Credit Sort descending Role
Ben Shepherd guitar
Ben Shepherd vocal
Bob Ludwig remastering
Brian Wood vocal
Chris Hanzsek edit
Dave Collins mastering
Fran Hapke photography
Gary King mix
Glenn Slater mellotron
Greg Keplinger drums
Hater mix
Hater producer
John Golden mastering
John McBain guitar
John Waterman bass
Matt Cameron drums
Matt Cameron photography
Matt Cameron vocal
Reyzart artwork
Stuart Hallerman engineer

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