Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Ralph Burns piano
Dick Collins trumpet
Bill Perkins sax
Chuck Flores drums
Cy Touff bass trumpet
Jerry Coker sax
Dick Hafer tenor sax
Red Kelly bass
Name Birth Death
Ralph Burns 1922-06-29 2001-11-21
Dick Collins 1924-07-19
Bill Perkins 1924-07-22 2003-08-09
Chuck Flores 1935-01-05 2016-11-24
Cy Touff 1927-03-04 2003-01-24
Jerry Coker 1932-11-28
Dick Hafer 1927-05-29 2012-12-15
Red Kelly 1927-08-29 2004-06-09
Name See associated acts
Bill Perkins Bill Perkins QuartetBud Shank & Bill PerkinsTerry Gibbs Dream Band
Chuck Flores Chuck Flores

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