Les McCann

Les McCann's manager told Billboard, "We're getting something new to us, AM airplay. A&M sent the record out and said nothing at all about the product. There was also no promotion. If A&M had taken the record to stations and said this is the new Les McCann album, it would have automatically been jazz. As a result of the no promotion plan, Les' LP was the most heavily added album on r&b stations across country for two consecutive weeks. The label took a chance by not saying anything about Tall Dark & Handsomeand both r&b and jazz stations are playing it."

Tall Dark & Handsomewas McCann's 54th album. Les told Billboard, "This is the most immediately accepted LP I have ever had." The album was promoted with an American tour, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Hawaii.


Les McCann: The Man
Les McCann: Tall Dark and Handsome


  1. Less Is More for Les McCann Promo. Billboard, October 20, 1979.
Recording Years / Label
1978-1979 -  A&M Records
vocals, keyboards

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