Les McCann

Les McCann's manager told Billboard, "We're getting something new to us, AM airplay. A&M sent the record out and said nothing at all about the product. There was also no promotion. If A&M had taken the record to stations and said this is the new Les McCann album, it would have automatically been jazz. As a result of the no promotion plan, Les' LP was the most heavily added album on r&b stations across country for two consecutive weeks. The label took a chance by not saying anything about Tall Dark & Handsomeand both r&b and jazz stations are playing it."

Tall Dark & Handsomewas McCann's 54th album. Les told Billboard, "This is the most immediately accepted LP I have ever had." The album was promoted with an American tour, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Hawaii.

  1. Less Is More for Les McCann Promo. Billboard, October 20, 1979.
Recording Years / Label
1978-1979 -  A&M Records
vocals, keyboards

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