Homemade Theatre

"Santa Jaws" was a novelty single. Gerry Lacoursiere of A&M Records Canada took it on spec. Larry Mollin told RPM Lacoursiere "carried the single with him wherever he went." Initially there wa no airplay for the recording. Radio stations were afraid a killer shark Santa might be offensive. But as radio stations began to air it, public interest grew. A&M Records Canada shipped 28,000 copies within two weeks of its release and 83,000 copies within a month. In stores, there were promotional posters along with a picture sleeve housing the single. It was a record that people either loved or hated. It was banned on radio in some Canadian markets. 

Sales were strong enough in Canada that "Santa Jaws" was released in the U.S. 

"Disco-Tech" was released in Canada on April 30, 1976. It sold 8,000 copies in three weeks there and 25,000 copies in the U.S.




Homemade's "Santa Jaws" Released By A&M Records. RPM, December 13, 1975.
Homemade Theatre Target On Disco Craze. RPM, May 22, 1976.

Recording Years / Label
1975-1976 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Barry Flatman 1975-1976 vocal
Fred Mollin 1975-1976
Larry Mollin 1975-1976
Phil Savath 1975-1976 vocal
Name Birth Death
Barry Flatman
Fred Mollin 1953-02-10
Larry Mollin
Phil Savath
Name See associated acts
Barry Flatman Big Jim and the Goodbuddies
Fred Mollin RugratsBig Jim and the Goodbuddies

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