Simple Minds

Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)" first appeared in the A&M Film "The Breakfast Club" and later in "Not Another Teen Movie."

The double album In the City of Lights had a retail price of $16.98 for the vinyl album and the CD went for $22.99 to $27.99 when it was released in 1987.

Recording Years / Label
1982-1991 -  A&M Records
1982-1987 -  Virgin Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Charles Burchill 1984-1989 guitars
Derek Forbes 1984 bass, vocals
Jim Kerr 1984-1989 vocals
John Giblin 1985-1989 bass
Lisa Germano 1989 violin
Manu Katche 1989 drums
Mel Gaynor 1984-1985 drums, vocals
Michael MacNeil 1984-1989 keyboards
Stephen Lipson 1989 bass
Name Birth Death
Charles Burchill 1959-11-27
Derek Forbes 1956-06-22
Jim Kerr 1959-07-09
John Giblin 1952-02-26 2023-05-14
Lisa Germano 1958-06-27
Manu Katche 1958-10-27
Mel Gaynor 1959-05-29
Michael MacNeil 1958-07-20
Stephen Lipson 1954-03-16
Name See associated acts
John Giblin Brand X

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