Road Songs - Hoyt Axton

Stock Number
AMLH 64669
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1978-1
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 No No Song 00:02:30
2 Boney Fingers 00:03:05
3 In a Young Girl's Mind 00:03:25
4 Telephone Booth 00:03:34
5 Paid In Advance 00:02:29
6 Lion In the Winter 00:03:20
7 I Love to Sing 00:02:00
8 When the Morning Comes 00:03:27
9 Lay, Lady, Lay 00:03:05
10 Sweet Misery 00:03:20
11 Flash Of Fire 00:02:43
12 Less Than the Song 00:03:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Allan McDougall producer
Ben Benay rhythm guitar
Bob Johnston producer
Bob Wilson organ
Bob Wilson piano
Cathy Smith background vocal
Cheech Marin vocal
Chuck Beeson design
Claudia Lennear background vocal
Dana Brady background vocal
David Jackson piano
David Kershenbaum producer
Dean Parks rhythm guitar
Dick Rosmini acoustic guitar
Donna Washburn background vocal
Donna Weiss background vocal
Ed Kollas harmonica
Ed Simpson photography
Eddie (Howard Kaylan) background vocal
Emory Gordy bass
Ernie Carlson trombone
Flo background vocal
Francisco Arellano trumpet
Frank DeLuna remastering
Gail Davies tambourine
Gary Coleman percussion
George Clinton piano
Gustavo Ramos trumpet
Hank Devito steel guitar
Henry Lewy producer
Hoyt Axton acoustic guitar
Hoyt Axton background vocal
Hoyt Axton guitar
Hoyt Axton lead vocal
Hoyt Axton producer
James Burton electric guitar
Jeff Baxter dobro
Jeff Baxter steel guitar
Jeff Porcaro drums
Jerry Scheff bass
Jerry Scheff tuba
Jim Keltner drums
Jim McCrary photography
Joe Sample electric piano
Johnny Rotella clarinet
Karl Himmel drums
Larry Carlton arranger
Larry Carlton bass
Larry Carlton electric guitar
Leland Sklar bass
Linda Ronstadt lead vocal
Loren Newkirk piano
Mac Gayden electric guitar
Marc Edelstein background vocal
Mark Dawson acoustic guitar
Mark Dawson background vocal
Mark Dawson harp
Max Bennett bass
Michael Omartian acoustic piano
Mike Botts drums
Neal Preston photography
Nicolette Larson background vocal
Ralph Mooney pedal steel guitar
Red Rhodes pedal steel guitar
Renee Armand background vocal
Renee Armand lead vocal
Robert Rogers background vocal
Roger Johnson autoharp
Roland Young art direction
Ron Cornelius electric guitar
Ronald White background vocal
Ronee Blakley background vocal
S. Carver illustration
Sammy Creason drums
Teda Bracci background vocal
Tim Drummond bass
Tom Scott clarinet
Tommy Chong vocal
Warren Moore background vocal
William Griffin background vocal

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