Ft. Collins, CO performed 39 concerts worldwide while associated with A&M Records. You can’t sort the list by city, concert venue or date.
Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Ft. Collins, CO 1976-4-24
Vancouver, Canada 1976-4-16
Vancouver, Canada 1976-4-15
Portland, OR 1976-4-9
Eugene, OR 1976-4-8
Ashland, OR 1976-4-7
San Jose, CA 1976-4-6
San Jose, CA 1976-4-5
Berkeley, CA 1976-4-3
Huntington Beach, CA 1976-4-1
Portland, OR 1975-10-5
Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl 1975-8-6
Washington, DC Carter Barron Amphitheater 1975-7-7
Berkeley, CA Greek Theatre 1975-8-9
Niagra Falls, NY Convention Center 1975-7-16
Lenox, MA Music Inn 1975-7-19
Edwardsville, IN Mississippi River Festival 1975-7-30
Philadelphia, PA Spectrum 1975-7-25
Atoka, OK Near Lake Atoka 1975-8-30
Austin, TX 1974-10-31
Cambridge, MA Performance Center 1974-5-25
Kansas City, MO Cowtown Ballroom 1974-4-6
Dripping Springs, TX Willie Nelson Summer Picnic 1974-7-6
Houston, TX Cullen Auditorium 1974-12-7
Chicago, IL Auditorium 1974-5-17
Minneapolis, MN Guthrie Theater 1974-5-19
Cambridge, MA Performance Center 1974-5-21
Cambridge, MA Performance Center 1974-5-22
Cambridge, MA Performance Center 1974-5-23
Cambridge, MA Performance Center 1974-5-24
Tucson, AZ 1974-7-4
N. Hollywood, CA Palomino Club 1974-6-26
N. Hollywood, CA Palomino Club 1974-6-27
N. Hollywood, CA Palomino Club 1974-6-28
Austin, TX Armadillo World Headquarters 1974-3-29
N. Hollywood, CA Palomino Club 1974-6-29
Austin, TX Armadillo World Headquarters 1974-3-30
N. Hollywood, CA Palomino Club 1974-6-30
Berkeley, CA Community Theater 1974-8-31