Life Machine

Stock Number
SP 3604
SP 3609--SP 3610
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, 8-track.
Released: 1974
Recording Notes
Reissue of SP 4422. New cover and custom liner
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Maybelline 00:02:53
2 Life Machine 00:03:28
3 That's All Right 00:05:11
4 Geronimo's Cadillac 00:03:42
5 When the Morning Comes 00:03:27
6 Good Lookin' Child 00:02:49
7 I Dream Of Highways 00:02:32
8 Pet Parade 00:03:16
9 Telephone Booth 00:03:34
10 Boney Fingers 00:03:05
Personnel Role
Allan McDougall producer
Ann Goodman cello
Bob Lind background vocals
Bob Lind acoustic guitar
Chuck Beeson design
Clydie King background vocals
Clydie King background vocal arrangement
Dana Brady background vocals
Danny Brooks background vocals
David Jackson bass